Breaking the Rules with Winter White

There are rules to follow and those to ignore. It is my humble opinion, that fashion and design should never fall into the former. Why should the personal touches in your home be determined by standard interior conventions? The way I see it, if you want to mix patterns in your outfit, go for it (you'll actually be on trend).  Challenge standard practices. Set your own rules. Design your own guidelines to follow. Your style should define you -- both in your home and with your fashion.

WINTER WHITES! All white interiors, from floor to ceiling. A white Christmas tree, adorned with muted ornaments. An off-white tailored tuxedo, worn to a holiday ball. Breaking the rules? Questionable. Questionable, because there are exceptions to every rule.

Sure, tradition suggests that colder exteriors warrant "warmer" interiors (white doesn't quite fall into the "warmer" palette), and that white should not be worn after Labor Day. BUT! (There's always a "but" when breaking the rules). The traditional rules do not consider texture or depth of fabrics, materials, etc. If you want to highlight white in a winter outfit, wear a substantial fabric such as wool or even leather. The runways for FALL 2013 were fierce with wearable winter whites. Maintain the purity of a white living room in fall/winter with a simple muted CHUNKY BLANKET or plush pillow.

If you are going to break the rules, at least do it in style!



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