Thinking Ahead: Thanksgiving Edition

Well hello November!

The starting line of all things cozy and festive. A month of holiday planning and early preparation.

Last week I wrote about being prepared for drop-in guests with a stocked pantry. Today marks my first post about Thanksgiving, and preparing your home for entertaining.

With Thanksgiving comes time spent with family and friends around the dining table. Having ample seating is pretty important.

For those who are thinking ahead (and why not start now....), and are in the market for some additional seating, here are several options. And, I've included a decorative cushion, because you can never be too prepared.

Storage definitely needs to be considered when purchasing additional seating. Never fear, because I gave thought to that when researching this topic.

So, for those skeptics out there, consider this.....

1. White Plastic Modern Chair: Stackable!
2. Black Mesh Side Chair: Powder-coated steel. Perfect for indoors or out. And, it's sale until Nov. 10!
3. Rustic Bench: Accommodates several guests. Push against a blank wall throughout the year, or use as a cocktail table.
4. Metal Stool: When not used for entertaining, perfectly pairs with a side desk or vanity. Because it doesn't have a back, can easily hide under a desk. And, it's on sale!

Chances are, if you're like me, you'll over-prepare for your guests and have more left-overs than you care to keep. With that in mind, I pulled together some disposable, fairly inexpensive to-go containers (the gift that keeps on giving). 

Now go out and get prepared!

Thumbnail Image Source: Winter Days and Snowy Nights Tumblr

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  1. I love that red folding chair--I just bought a similar pair at a local design store. They are comfortable, convenient and add a fun pop of color. Also, so clever on the take out boxes--I usually end up having to part with some of my sistema plastics (they're great) to send friends and family home with leftovers...this is a much better alternative!