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I'm kinda, sorta, worn out by the "cleanse" of this week. But, the impact of this week's work was HUGE! Hope it was for you as well.

Happy Friday and enjoy this week's edition of Link Love:

1. ALIENS. A GUN. A VAGINA. The beginning to a great story, right? You won't believe this one.

2. FOREVER "WHAT AGE"? I love Forever 21 like every 21-year old out there. You too?

3. IT'S RAINING INSIDE. Hey you. Indoor-plant killer. This one is for you.

4. EAT. WATCH. DRINK. Big football weekend. Go Seahawks! Looking for some tasty recipes for the game? Try any one of these.

5. I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR. The 4-1-1 on being well-liked as a female.

6. GOLDEN GLOBES AND ALCOHOL. TOGETHER LIKE PB&J. A drinking game for this Sunday's, Golden Globes.

Top Image//Shit that Blows Tumblr

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