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With every major "transition" in my year -- from Summer to Fall, back to school for kids, and particularly, right before a vacation -- I organize my home. The feeling of cleaning out excess, rearranging clutter to create more efficiency, grounds me. Maybe it's in my own head, but without that momentary "cleanse," I feel slightly inhibited. Like something is holding me back and only when I de-clutter, do I realized what it was.

I am by no means a "organizing expert." Full disclosure though....I detest disorder. A clean house is a happy house!

According to STATISTIC BRAIN, getting organized is the #2 most common resolution of 2014 (right behind "losing weight"). Personally, I don't "do" resolutions. And, not because the fear of defeat. Because for me, "resolutions" are slightly limiting. The focus of one ambition takes away from all others, and I achieve at my best when tasked with multiple goals.

BUT I am all about getting organized, and particularly to help jump start the year. If getting organized is on your "to do" list and you are looking for a fresh start, perhaps you'll be inspired by this list (in no specific order):

#1. Create a calendar and hold yourself accountable. I find that if I designate a specific date to a goal or objective, I am more inclined to achieve it. LIA GRIFFITH is sharing her well-designed calendars for free.

#2. Clean your handbag out. Simple task with HUGE positive results. Your life will thank you.

#3. Make holiday purchase/gift returns. Besides the fact that some retail locations have a deadline for holiday returns, check this one off your list STAT!

#4. Purchase additional storage to support the "cleanse." Don't you agree that when the storage is as pretty as it is functional, you're more inclined to use it??? Here are some ideas:

3-Tiered Tray. The perfect "catch all." Ya know, for your keys. Cell phone. Watch, etc.
Acrylic Clipboards. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Clip your new calendars (from #1) to these pretty boards, as a reminder for what has to be done.
Spice Rack. For the cluttered desk. Use the jars for staples. Paper clips. Push Pins. Stickers. Anything compact that is currently contributing to the clutter.
Inspiration Board. I can personally attest to the fact that this works. It's pretty and if stored in plain view, encourages creativity and productivity.

#5. Get rid of excess bulk. I'm talking furniture. Clothing. Toys. Appliances. Call your local charity and they will happily take it off of your hands. Or, there's always Craigslist and eBay.

#6. Clean out the refrigerator. Make room for the healthy additions. Like clothing, if you can't remember when you last ate the food, toss it! 

#7. Clean out your email. I may have saved the hardest for last. Have a meeting with your Inbox and determine what "stays" and what "goes." Unsubscribe to the unnecessary lists you may subscribed to during the holidays (in order to get the discounts). Check out LOST PHOTOS to rediscover photos that may be buried deep in your email's archives. Then, upload the images to PICASA or PHOTOBUCKET for safe keeping. Use PINTEREST or FEEDLY to organize the websites that friends have shared with you through email. 

There is no "absolute" solution for "organization." Start small. Check clutter off of your list so you can swiftly move on to your next goals.

Top Image//Signed by Tina

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