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Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's a sweet day and even sweeter weekend.

1. BOTTOM'S UP. In a "pinkies down" approach, Portland, Oregon based Union Wine Company has begun selling their wine in cans.

2. WHEN OLD BECOMES NEW. Paris design firms are unveiling plans to renovate abandoned metro stations.

3. SWIMSUIT BARBIE. Move over Kate Upton. There is a new Sports Illustrated model in town.

4. HOT KITCHEN SECRETS FROM EVEN HOTTER CHEFS. Menu ideas for tonight, perhaps?

5. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS? Liquor delivery...but only in Manhattan and Brooklyn. New Yorkers have all of the luck.

6. FOR YOUR FRIDAY VIEWING PLEASURE. Need a laugh? Melissa McCarthy is hilarious in this trailer for her new movie.

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