This and That: "Where Fashion Meets Art" Edition

Today's This and That happened quite organically.

I happened upon images from the Céline S/S 2014 Ready to Wear collection, and was struck by the designer's infusion of modern tribal patterns. FYI: New York Times' T Magazine profiled Phoebe Philo, Céline's creative director, in their Spring Fashion Issue. In awe! Among the collection's forty looks were several iterations of bold paint strokes, artistically printed in various colors of black, blue and yellow.

THIS particular black and white printed tank caught my eye. As I do.....I thought that I would try my hand at recreating it.


White tank (pre-washed)
Fabric paint
1" paint brush (if you would rather have thicker strokes, increase the size of your brush)
Cardboard (to create a solid surface under front layer of tank)

ONE: Slip cardboard into the body of the tank.
TWO: Squeeze paint onto your palette (I use a disposable plate). I practiced my brush strokes a few times on an old shirt -- just to get used to painting on fabric.
THREE: Using the Céline tank for inspiration, begin making bold, slightly curved strokes of paint onto the tank.

My best interpretation of the Céline tank was good -- but not great. I don't need perfection, but I felt after a few bold strokes, that the tank needed "something else." So.....I (using THAT piece above as my inspiration) arbitrarily squeezed the paint in a modern "Jackson Pollack" manner around the solid strokes.

Allow to dry overnight.

...and accessorized it with my new Zara metallic yellow necklace.

When fashion meets art, great things can happen!