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My "Year of 40" celebration continues this weekend with friends who knew me way back when. Some over 30 years ago. Geez! To celebrate this new decade, we are traveling down to Portland, then heading to the beautiful wine region of the Willamette Valley. There is nothing to hide from friends who have known you that long. Relationships that significant come with absolutely no judgement and are simply.......easy and fun.

Looking forward to a weekend filled with laughter, memories shared and of course, lots of Pinot Noir.

Hope yours is as relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoy Link Love.

1. RESEARCH PROVES IT! 5 second rule really does exist (but no longer than 5 seconds).

2. (BEST) 90'S CHICK-FLICK COMES TO BROADWAY. Hollywood's favorite prostitute, is slipping back on her thigh high boots, and making her way to Broadway. Pretty Woman on stage!

3. FASHION COLLIDES WITH SPORTS. A fashionable collaboration between Topshop & Adidas is hitting stores next week. Marking my calendar, for sure!

4. ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT. Celebrities make their best impersonation of Matthew Mcconaughey in this video reel.

5. COFFEE = WATER. Tom's Footwear, best known for comfortable, stylish footwear (gives away a product for every product he sells), is entering the saturated coffee market with a similar philosophy. For every bag of coffee sold, they will distribute clean cooking and drinking water on a global scale.

Image//Willamette Valley, Oregon

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