Link Love

Just wanted to quickly pop in before chillaxing with the kids and heading off to the pool (we are in Phoenix for Spring Break).

Cheers to a great weekend (hopefully one with sun and warm temps.) Enjoy Link Love:

1. 9021-O-M-G. I am fully entertained by these short clips (.gifs) from Beverly Hills 90210.

2. T-SHIRT CONTEST. This one wins for most comfortable. Just purchased a few for my vacation.

3. DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST. Captain Crunch + chocolate chip cookies = YUM! Here's the recipe.

4. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you like this trend? With this product, less may be more.

5. PERFECT BEACH BAG. In great colors, from here.

6. BOOK LIST. Leaving for vacation? You may want to review this book list of NY Times best sellers before you depart.


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