Faux Tats

I can't say that I've ever truly wanted a tattoo. In my life, there has never been an image with such purpose and meaning that I wanted so permanently represented on my body. That's not to say I don't respect the art and design of tattoos. In fact, I find many (more simple) tattoos quite beautiful.

Temporary tattoos (faux tats) are the perfect alternative to the more permanent branding option. And, they are no longer just for the kids (although there are some fantastic and modern designs for kids at present). Last weekend, I admired the metallic and fresh, temporary tats on a friend -- the super talented stylist, Tiffany Wendel. And, as I do, have been obsessing about them ever since.

I'm partial to the metallic armbands. But a quick online search led me to the bright friendship bracelets. The beachy, bohemian motifs. The amusing hand puppets for kids. All temporary and all super fun.

Flash Tats//1//2&3
Tattly Friendship Bracelet

For the kids....

Tattly Watch Set
Top Image//Birds

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