Jeweled Fruit

Pomegranate. A ruby-hued fruit with a rich history, dating back to ancient times in Iran (formerly Persia). Packed with pearls bursting with sweet juice, the pomegranate's uses are innumerable. From baking to natural dyes, juices to savory spreads, the pomegranate nestles quite nicely amongst the myriad of my favorite Mediterranean culinary ingredients.

Some of my preferred uses for the fruit are blended in Greek yogurt with honey, dropped in the bottom of a flute with champagne, combined with avocados in a velvety guacamole and sprinkled atop steak fajitas. It compliments the spiciest of platters and pairs perfectly with the sweetness of chocolate and the depth of blue cheese.

Either in the form of syrup/molasses, or in its wholeness, the pomegranate is an essential ingredient in the following menu, designed with recipes from around the web.





In keeping with the "jeweled" theme, may I suggest a dip in this tub, gorgeously designed in a bathroom with walls of ruby red. 

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