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This weekend, we are leaving the chilly temps of Seattle for the sunny skies of Phoenix, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. A week's worth of sun and much needed down-time. My goal is to electronically-disconnect (haven't been successful in the past), so you may or may not hear much from me over the next week.   

Phoenix is home to the best DAM chocolate chip cookie in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! I know. Serious proclamation! I have done ample research to know this is true. Promise to purchase several. One for me, and the rest for you. Told you in my ABOUT ME that I was a giver.

On the "giving" front, here are some notable links from around the web this week, that I thought I'd share.

1. MOVING MADE EASY. The KARTON GROUP (appropriately named) has designed furniture out of cardboard. Desks. Drawers. Interested?
2. OFFICE INSPIRATION. I heart a well organized office. It inspires creativity, and perhaps more importantly, productivity. Looking for design inspiration? SUNSET MAGAZINE is sharing the images of 26 offices.
3. HOLIDAY GLITTER. There is nothing quite like glitter to enhance a holiday outfit. THIS SKIRT from ANTHROPOLOGIE should be hanging in my closet. Thank you, LAUREN FROM CHANNELING CONTESSA for sharing!
4. PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING. REMODELISTA shares 5 creative ways to present the napkin on your Thanksgiving table.
5. DON'T STRESS. EFFORTLESS CHIC has kindly taken the stress out of entertaining for the holidays. Check out their SAVVY GIRL'S GUIDE TO HOSTING A STRESS FREE PARTY.
6. MY NEW FAV! My holiday music list has just increased by one (or twenty, because I love every song). You must check out the band, A SILENT FILM. Do it! Right now! Forget what you are doing, and listen to THIS!

Happy Weekend!


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