My Target Wish List

I know this is the season for giving, but have you been to TARGET lately?

TARGET was on my "to do" list last week. Both for vacation necessities and holiday gifts. I had a purpose and only a few minutes to spare. Strategically, I divided my time into two buckets -- "important" and "trivial, but nice to have."  The quicker I could complete what was deemed "important," the more time I could spend on the "trivial, but nice to have."  With only 30 minutes to spare, I efficiently (because I know the format of the store like the back of my hand) checked off all items on my "to do" list and swiftly headed to the home decor aisles (my "trivial, but nice to have").

Remember in a past post when I discussed my love for METAL? From bar carts, to cocktail shakers, decorative accessories to pillows, metal was everywhere! Home decor lead to office supplies which was followed up by clothing. Another 15 minutes would've allowed for some some quality time in the paper/stationary section as well.

Needless to say, my wish list grew by a few more items:

Think it's too much to ask for my wish list?

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