Studded Mat

I have a slight obsession with nail heads. Love it on a classic wingback chair. Accessorized on a clutch. Down the leg of a black skinny jeans. I'll pretty much take it in any form.

So, when I spotted these PATENT STUD PLACEMATS on Horchow, I went bonkers. Love. Love. Love! AND, it's high gloss. I almost love a high gloss more than nail heads. But, at $82/piece (it's now on sale for $57), I couldn't justify purchasing more than one.

Inspiration strikes at the best of times. I was cleaning up the pieces of an art and framing project and just as I was about to toss the additional backing to a broken frame, I was reminded of those gorgeous placemats.

So, after gathering some spray paint and a few other key pieces, I created my version of the placemats.

GOLD STUDDED MAT (with various uses)


Hard-surfaced board (such as chipboard, or even thin plywood) cut to desired size (mine was 16x14)
Spray paint of choice (I used gold)
3/8" steel-head thumbtacks
Cutting pliers
Tacky Glue

ONE: Spray paint the boards. Depending on what you want, you may need to spray several coats on the boards.
TWO: While the paint is drying, begin cutting the sharp tip off of the tack, leaving only the head. I ended up with 100 "tack heads."
THREE: Once board is dry and you have your "tack heads," take a ruler to the board and decide the spacing of your heads.

FOUR: I found it easiest to make a dot of glue on the board, and then adhere each head to the board.
FIVE: Wait some time to allow the heads to dry and you're done!

I am super happy with the results, and in fact, almost prefer the mat under my jewelry and makeup, than on the dining table. The uses and possibilities are really endless. Perhaps adorning your desk? As a "catch-all" for keys on the entry way shelf? Nailed to the wall and used as a backing to washi-taped photos?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thumbnail Image//Stud Placemat

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