Unexpected Touches

I like adding unexpected touches to my home. Photos are hanging from our industrial coat rack. A metallic outdoor Chinese ceramic stool acts as my vanity seating. A life-size fiberglass black sheep stands proud (accessorized with a scarf) on a large pedestal above our television. Besides these touches being functional (maybe not the sheep so much), they feel almost more special than if they were put to their traditional uses. .  

To be honest, my creative juices thrive off of the unexpected. I feel more inspired when something is purposely askew. To me, a home is a blank canvas. You can either choose to follow standard design practices or pursue a more unique, less formal path. Be warned, however. With the "unexpected," comes opinions and criticism. Confidence breeds acceptance. Simply put, if you convey confidence in your, otherwise unique design decisions, the adverse opinions of others will not matter. You may even change their opinions. On the contrary, if you waver in your choices, criticism can easily be discouraging.

A perfect introduction to my following challenge........

Let's talk bathrooms! Traditionally, a room whose interior receives little attention. A functional space, that few guests will ever step into (besides, maybe the powder room). My challenge for you is to think of it differently. One "unexpected touch" can make the world of difference in the feel of the room.

Take a tree coat rack. An unexpected, yet functional feature. And, why not? Forgo the standard towel hooks in favor of a rack. Hang a robe on it. Even, your clothes for the next day. 

Make a statement with your bathroom! If a tree coat rack feels too far left for your comfort, perhaps replace your towels with a unexpected color. 

Believe me, after awhile, the "unexpected" becomes expected and when you can get to the point when you are your only critic, the "design" sky is the limit.

Thumbnail Image//Liliana Ballen

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  1. Love the attention to the bathroom. I remember reading somewhere that guests are coming over unexpectedly and you have less than 10 minutes to make your home guest ready--the only room you should really clean is the bathroom--as it's the only place your guests will be alone and are more likely to notice details (like dust bunnies in the corners of the room, in my case;). Reading your post, I realize the same is true for the design/decor of that room (even if it's the powder room)! I feel like I have to go home and spruce mine up now:)