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So far (during my long blogging career of 2 weeks), I've shared DATING ATTIRE, THE BEST ENTERTAINING PANTRY, and a MENU with the quintessential French flair. But, unless you've spent some good quality time on my ABOUT page, you really don't know much about me.

I was chatting with a friend last night about my blogging journey. Why I started a blog. How I prepared for translating my thoughts into words on a computer screen. As most creative people will tell you, creativity inspires more creativity. It's a fantastic cycle that I feel extremely fortunate to be part of. When I surround myself with innovative, forward-thinking people, I innately feel inspired. The wheels start turning and ideas begin generating -- which is really the start to my blogging journey.

In 2010, during a complete renovation of our home, I took it upon myself to "personalize" our space. To create an interior experience for ourselves and guests, with the materials and aesthetics of the home. Throughout the process, I continued to ask myself -- what do we want our house to say about us? I religiously read blogs of similarly-minded homeowners and (this was before Pinterest) began curating ideas and images that slowly formed the makeup of our interior. I quickly discovered that the blogging niche of "modern/mid century-modern" renovation was heavily saturated, and unless I paired my daily reads down to a select few, I could easily be sitting at my computer for hours.

Innately, I am drawn to people, places and things that closely represent myself. Anything modern. Check. Classic and edgy. Check. Personable. Check. In my head, I had a check-list of how a blog had to look and feel and if there was any evidence of a connection between myself and the author. The "biography" page was oftentimes insightful, but other times not enough to determine a connection. So, then I would dive head-first (sometimes for hours on end) into the posts. I was always much more drawn to the authors whose posts resonated with me. Whose content was relevant to me. Whose subject matters made me think. But, at the end of the day, if I felt like I knew the author, just from reading his or her words (or images posted), I was hooked.

So, I thought I would take today's post to share more about myself. Namely, my OBSESSIONS -- some current, some more lasting.

GROCERY SHOPPING: I am a complete tactile person. My husband will attest to the fact that I will run my hands through the clothing line in a department store, just to feel the varied textures. I like to make sure the apples are bruise-less. What's the point of purchasing a dozen eggs that are half-cracked? With food, I am not generally loyal to any one brand. Depending on my mood, and how something looks that day, I may choose one brand over another. AND, most importantly (and definitely a personal fact worth sharing), I am not a "meal planner." I have tried, but to no avail. I love strolling down the aisles of a grocery store, piecing together the menu for the evening. I love the feel of a grocery store. How it's branded and if that is reflected in their presentations.

ZIPPERS: I know. Totally random. But, I LOVE ZIPPERS. Not in the traditional sense though. Sure, they are functional on a coat, but I have yet to meet an ankle-zipped, black skinny jean or shoulder-zipped sweater, that I did not love!

BUTTERNUT SQUASH: Again. Totally random...but totally D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!! I am highly impacted by the weather and changing seasons, and if forced to decide my favorite time of year, I would probably answer with Summer. BUT, if it weren't for butternut squash in the Fall, Spring would be my close second. I could eat BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP nearly everyday. And, this BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND SPINACH GRATIN would act as my side dish.

NORDSTROM'S NEW, TOPSHOP: Edgy, yet approachable (and reasonably priced). I kinda love it! Extremely innovative clothing and accessories with facets of high-fashion, shared with everyday people like myself. I am "classic" at my fashion core, but appreciate a unique accessory pop or unconventional piece of clothing. Thank you Nordstrom!

METAL: Ahhhhhhhhh metal. Let me count the number of ways I love thee. That super special metallic bauble necklace. Check. On the arm of my favorite cow-hide mid-century chair. Check. On entertaining pieces and platters. Check. On that raw, exposed beam running the length of my home. Check. I caught wind of NATE BERKUS' new holiday collection. A fellow metal-admirer, obviously. Is it possible to love him more than I did before?

So, now that you know that I am a grocery-shopping, butternut squash loving, zipper-, all things metallic- and Nordstrom's Topshop-admiring lifestyle blogger, how do you like me????

P.S. I chose the thumbnail image (that appears as the first image of this post and on the homepage), because, to me, it's as if the image's face is melting (I related it to "peeling") away, and perhaps will result in something much different than what we expect. A metaphor for how I would hope my readers would experience and read my blog. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

Thumbnail Image//Penny Lane Tumblr

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