Backwards or Forwards (Necklaces)?

Trends don't always translate well. Take for instance.....heels with socks. Or wedge sneakers. Or even semi-sheer skirts. A statement is definitely being made with each of these trends, but what it is really saying?

In February, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out on Oscar's red carpet, wearing a traditional necklace, but rather quite untraditionally. The "backwards necklace" trend, having been seen on other public figures, (such as Cate Blanchett), commands attention with it's bold statement. You might argue that it's as questionable as wearing wedge sneakers, but I for one, would disagree. 

Is it shocking? Perhaps. But, only because it's unexpected. And, as I've suggested in previous posts (UNEXPECTED TOUCHES, specifically) I fully support the unexpected. It creates buzz. Buzz generates discussion, and ultimately, acceptance.

In keeping with this trend, I've paired an arrangement of backless wares (from a wearable, high fashion suit, to a basic backless maxi dress) with some long, textured necklaces. If you appreciate this look, as I do, try complimenting a rather conservative piece (such as Rick Owen's crepe dress) with a less refined necklace.

So, where do you stand on this current trend? Is it wearable? Just a fad?


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