Marbled Painted Pencils

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm in favor of homemade gifts. The value in them far exceeds their uniqueness. The time, thought, creativity and effort invested into making a gift by hand is priceless.

I designed these pencils last Spring, for a Women's Networking event I hosted. A perfect, creative accessory to the "Idea Books" we were crafting. I revisited the project earlier this week and thought they would be a wonderful (and easy!!!) holiday gift for friends, teachers, kids, etc.


Acrylic Paint (colors of your choice)
Painter's tape
Aluminum Foil
Box (with no lid)

ONE: Tape off the eraser-end of the pencil (to avoid getting any paint on the end).
TWO: Set a large piece of aluminum foil beside your box. This will be the drying area for your painted pencils.
THREE: Drizzle paint in the bottom of the box (to avoid any splatter) -- in a Jackson Pollack-like fashion.
FOUR: Holding the taped end, roll the pencil back and forth in the paint (creating a marbled-effect), making certain that the entire pencil is covered.
FIVE: Add more paint as necessary -- in the same fashion as before.

SIX: Place each wet, painted pencil on the foil to dry. After about 2 hours (still slightly wet), pick up the pencil and move slightly (just so the painted pencil doesn't form a flat section of paint -- you'll understand what I'm suggesting when you do it).
SEVEN: Once completely dried (allow about 4-5 hours), roll pencil on foil to smooth out and eliminate any extra paint.
EIGHT: Take off the tape from the eraser.

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