Holiday Catalog Re-Do

I have a love/hate relationship with magazines. As a teenager, I waited with bated breath for the arrival of my monthly subscriptions to SEVENTEEN and TEEN BEAT. In my 20's and early 30's, it was the likes of INSTYLE, DWELL, DOMINO and BON APPETIT. Now, in my late 30's, my admiration for magazines has slightly waned. Not because I don't love reading them (because I do!!!). Or enjoy the ritual of relaxing on a Sunday morning (still in bed), with a cup of coffee in one hand and a W MAGAZINE in the other. But, because, the stress of peering over at the unread magazines, piled high on my coffee table, has become too overwhelming. I'm a busy mom of two, writing a blog, managing a home, etc. I HAVE NO TIME TO READ MAGAZINES!

Last year, I started haphazardly collecting magazines (previously red and unread), for extraneous purposes. This season's holiday catalogs received the same treatment. Tossed into the pile for a future use. If I couldn't read them, at least they would serve a creative purpose.

Last weekend, I dug deep into the holiday catalog pile, and was delightfully inspired. After months of sitting quietly in a stack, I randomly selected a few and began ripping their pages. The more colorful, the better.

Random fact. I'm obsessed with Origami.  Almost embarrassingly. The first pages, were naturally transformed into an ORIGAMI BOX.  Perfect for the stocking stuffer.

Holiday Season 2011. J CREW had the most remarkable (and obviously memorable) paper rosette/fan window presentation. Two years later, I'm still reminded of that gorgeous display with MY VERSION.

Garland is so overdone. I know. So, I'm calling this a MOBILE. Similar in process to OH HAPPY DAY'S, VELLUM MOBILE, but I cheated (is it technically a cheat if it's easier???) and used clear tape, and not a sewing machine.

Growing up in Seattle, I loved shopping at NORDSTROM'S during the holidays. The stores were always decorated so beautifully. The almost entrancing tunes from the piano, echoing throughout. Shoppers were happy and festive. And, most notably, they had the best (and still do) gift bows. Satiny. Shiny. Almost decadent. THESE were inspired by those memories. Though, I did add a touch of modernity by snipping each loop.

File this one under "if I had time, I would.." or "if I had an event, I might..." Have always wanted to design a photo booth backdrop for a party. Even pinned THIS ONE a while back. Given the right event and the necessary time, I might construct a similar backdrop, but with highly saturated magazine pages.  

P.S. I love this girl's sass and style!


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