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LINK LOVE is among my favorite posts. I spend so much time online. Getting inspiration for LIFE STYL'D. Keeping updated on trends. Reading the day's news. Posting on TWITTER. With LINK LOVE, I am compelled to actually digest all that I am reading -- rather than to merely skim the pages. It's a good thing.

Today's LINK LOVE is kind of a mixed bag, which oddly represents my week. Felt extremely scattered this week. But, I think you will enjoy the links, nonetheless.

1. IN THE MARKET FOR A TABLET? VISUAL.LY has designed a super cool chart to help with your decision.

2. REWIND 2013. YOUTUBE did it again. They compiled some of the most noteworthy videos of 2013, into one, 5 minute music reel.

3. 80s ARE BACK!!! Remember the days of mixed tapes? Such great memories. MILKTAPE has designed a cassette tape-shaped USB. Each "tape" can hold up to 15 songs and comes with an old school plastic cover.

4. BUBBLY CONCOCTIONS. Had to include this, as Prosecco is a personal fav. RUE MAG is sharing three different Prosecco cocktails for the holidays.

5. SIMPLE IS KEY. Definitely trying this recipe from THE LUXE LIFE this weekend.

6. YOGURT. NOT JUST FOR EATING. According to the ORGANIC AUTHORITYthe benefits of yogurt, far exceed its nutritional value.

7. REMEMBERING SANDY HOOK. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the devastating shooting at SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY in Connecticut. You can make the promise today to support and encourage the prevention of gun violence in other communities by signing the pledge at SANDYHOOKPROMISE.ORG


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