A Twist on the Classics

Originally, this post was slated for "timeless classics." Wardrobe staples that stand the test of time. A bright, white buttoned down (for me, collar up, please). A well tailored blazer. Neutral cigarette pants. A refined, black pencil skirt.

I would consider my personal style -- cultivated, with an unexpected "edge." I've procured a wardrobe of old and new. Blending the quintessential basic pieces and those with added character. And so for me, though my style is so heavily steeped in the classic sense (but with an added flair), I'd prefer to discuss the topic more broadly -- with a twist.

"Style" is a personal journey. It evolves as you do, reflecting growth in maturity and life. In some cases, the evolution of a timeless wardrobe, (as defined above and shared within the pages of one of my favorite blogs, The Line), reveals itself in equally classic and refined pieces, but with unexpected character.

Such is the case with the following hi/low classics with a twist.


The function of a impeccably tailored blazer is infinite. With jeans. A pencil skirt. Layered under a trench. Collar up. Collar down. The shift from basic to bold is in the texture. The pattern. A quality that when people see the blazer, they look again.


Try and find a wardrobe that is not complimented by a simple white dress shirt. The styling possibilities are endless. Unique details, such as a monogram on the Band of Outsiders Boyfriend Shirt (pictured below), elevate a classic buttoned down to a different level.


A true neutral pencil skirt is a fundamental staple in any wardrobe. A perfectly tailored pencil skirt commands attention. "Personality" is both in how the skirt is worn and in the distinct elements of the piece.

The true definition of "classic." From high-waisted to cigarette, dress pants elevate any outfit from modest to chic. Add a flair to the leg or a pattern to a proper length capris, and the statement of an otherwise understated silhouette gets much louder.

Gap Jacquard Capris//Alice + Olivia Wide Leg Trousers LEATHER SKIRT

A modern interpretation of "classic." Perhaps the least significant of relevant classics, but nonetheless, a leather skirt is timeless in its own right. A wardrobe is only as great as the pieces that contribute to the whole. A distinctive leather skirt, while maintaining a refined sense of style, is the perfect last component to a truly unique wardrobe.

Walter Baker Faux Leather Flip Skirt//Cedric Charlier Scribble Leather Skirt
The investment of a timeless wardrobe can be significant, but the impact one unique piece can have on the whole, is even more significant. 

Would love to hear about any of your unique classics.

TOP IMAGE//Audrey Hepburn (with additional design by ...tiag)

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