For Your Next Dinner Party

Ever been a guest at a dinner party, where the awkward pauses outweighed the rousing conversation? Where the discussion couldn't get much beyond the weather, or even worse, politics? Sometimes it's the combination of guests (strangers and friends) that lend to the silence. Other times, the "awkward pause" is a welcomed pause vs. the uncomfortable and inappropriate topics of conversation that could be discussed.

I love a good ice breaker. An unexpected question that encourages chatter and thought. That forces guests to interact, even in unnatural circumstances. 

To save your next dinner party from those "awkward pauses," I have designed "conversation starter" cards. Twelve thought-provoking questions that will take any conversation from lackluster to memorable (and hilarious).

The three sets of cards can be printed to full size by clicking the links below the following images:

Download the Conversation Starters//1//2//3
Top Image//Dinner Party

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