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Super Bowl Weekend! It's here! Truth be told -- if the Seahawks weren't playing (being from Seattle, and all) I'd really only be watching because of the commercials (and for the chips and dip). I'm really a fair-weather fan. Cheering for my team when they are winning. Doing anything other than watching sports, when they are not. 

Whichever team you're rootin' for on Sunday, I hope it goes your way. And if it doesn't, find something else to celebrate -- like perhaps, binge eating and drinking on a Sunday (did I just say that??).

1. STARTUP SUCCESS BY THE NUMBERS. Interesting figures and graphics on the success levels of startups and their founders.

2. LOOKS MAY BE DECEIVING. Wanna look thinner. It's all in how you dress. Elle Magazine has cracked the fashion code on looking thin with style.

4. COMEDIANS OPINIONS ON LOVE. Just in time for Valentine's Day, twelve comedians express how they feel about love.

5. SUPER BOWL SNACKS. Gourmet Super Bowl snacks to impress your friends.

6. ODDS ARE ON VEGAS. A look at the business of betting on the big game

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