A Work in Progress

When I started this blog, I really had no idea of the impact it would have on my life. My first weeks of posts were innocent. Not too personal. I wasn't sure how deep I wanted to go. It is a "lifestyle blog" after all. How deep can I go on topics of entertaining and fashion?

Friday was my 61st post! Only 3 months into this journey, and I feel oddly wiser about myself and my goals. The process of sitting down, writing about these topics of interest; matters that I am truthfully passionate about, is completely liberating. Not since I started my catering business in 2005 (has been "put on the back burner" since 2010) have I felt so engaged. Defined. When asked "what I do?" -- I now have a title (vs. simply, mom). I am a blogger. It feels very purposeful. Entrepreneurial. In charge.

Life is about evolution. Making strides to being a better you. I always want to be a work in progress. Discovering new interests. Adding layers to my personality. I want this blog to do the same. When ...there is always grey stops evolving, is when I will find a new pursuit.

A conversation with a friend last week, the brilliant mind behind In Your Head (a rad social trend and market consultancy agency), inspired a shift in my perspective. To take a step back and truly look at the landscape of the blog. The content. The headlines. The frequency of posts. What I determined is that the value is not in the regularity of posts, but rather in the depth of content.

I want to be challenging myself. Pushing to learn more and outside my comfort boundaries. I have no intention of redirecting the focus. Perhaps, just looking at the the topics of interest a bit differently. A bit deeper (but not all of the time). Nothing too esoteric (but maybe sometimes). Fun. Informative. Thoughtful. In order to get to this point, I need to give myself the time to research. Read other blogs and magazines. Immerse myself in lifestyle trends. Become more active on Twitter

What does this all mean for my readers? Hopefully, in the end, more of a reason to visit. My posts may not happen as frequently (maybe 3 times a week vs. 5). I will continue to share posts on "the best little things in life" -- This & That, Link Love, Recipes, Creative DIYs, playful fashion, etc. -- layered with more personal topics, such as the Year of 40 (as I am turning 40 this year), and a Portrait of a Work in Progress (and how that evolution manifests itself through style, interests, etc.)   

I would also love to hear from you? My readers. What are you interested in reading? In learning? What would inspire you to consistently visit ...there is always grey?

So, at this moment, I think we all have some homework to do. From you, please share your feedback and comments about the direction of the blog. For me....research, digest, share.

Thank you for your support. I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey.

xoxox, Brett

Oh, I almost forgot. You can now visit the blog with this address -- www.thereisalwaysgrey.com. The old address still works, if you'd prefer to use that.

Top Image//Simon Watson Photography (with text additions by ...there is always grey)

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