Jetsetting....with Children

There was once a time that my husband and I were globe trotters. Australia. Various parts of France. The Netherlands. Spain. Italy. Every other year (sometimes, every year), we would plot our international travels, and just go.

Life was simple then.....without children. It's been nearly 9 years (coincidentally, our son is 9) since our last globe-trotting adventure. That is all about to change! In June, our family (along with my best friend's family) will be bravely venturing for a two-week journey to Spain. One week in, and around Barcelona. One week, surrounding the city of Madrid. Wish us luck!

My expectations are not as they would be while traveling without kids. But, to see another part of the world, through the eyes of a child, is pretty special. Life is about the experience. The pieces that make up the whole. I expect to live that two-week adventure to the fullest. With small pieces of culture and larger slices of memorable experiences.

This is what our journey may look like:

Any advice on what to see? Where to go? Travelling with children? 

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