Trending Interiors for 2014

So far, this week's posts about properly jump-starting your year, touched upon organization and cleansing soups. Today is all about the home -- specifically trends that the "interiors" industry is seeing for 2014.

Maybe you're like me, and appreciate a quick fix, such as an added pop of color in a pillow. Or, prefer to be fully committed with a freshly painted wall. Even more, recognize the beauty in the mix of vintage and modern. 2014 has it all. Designers are seeing a shift from small, cozy rooms, to larger, more open and functional spaces. Accent walls with strong patterns. Layers of texture and colors. From walls with rich, dark hues to fixture blends of metallic. Rooms with function and beautiful form.

Deep, dark saturation

Concentrated brighter hues and pops of color

Mix it Up: Vintage + Modern/Female + Male/Soft Edges + Hard

Graphic or Bold Focal Point

Metal Mix

Top Image//Home DSG


  1. So funny, Brett, but I have saved so many of these pics in my Houzz account. Love the dramatic colors and the metallic additions. :)

  2. Not a surprise that you're so on trend!