What did the Blank Wall Say When You Walked into the Room?

...bear with me (as in "bare" walls...get it???).

I have anxiety over large, empty walls. We have 18ft ceilings in many areas of our home, which leaves VERY LARGE empty walls. When faced with paint options during our renovation, there was no question that the walls would be a brilliant white. The perfect blank canvas for bright, colorful art.

I've come to realize that my expectations for the "perfect art piece" are unrealistic, and that our VERY LARGE empty walls will remain bare, until a fantastic piece of works finds me.

In the meantime, to subside my anxiety, I may consider one of these creative options:

Solid Color Canvas

Yes you can! One canvas + your favorite color paint = art. Simple as that. Special insider's tip: Lowes sells 7.2oz sample sizes, in any color you choose for $3.

Stretched Fabric 

Another easy alternative. Follow these instructions for a unique canvas.

Giant Wall Decals

This takes no time. Vinyl decals can be applied to any wall and comes off with ease.

Extra Large Banded Photo Wall

Think "out of the box" on this one. A unique presentation for photos or magazines whose covers you love. I spotted the image on the left and was immediately inspired. 

Plywood, even in an over-sized piece, is light -- which makes it the ideal canvas for this project. Paint it white. Extend the large rubber bands from side to side. Done. The coolest piece of art for any open space.

Nail String Art

3-D modern art. Use nails or push pins. Thin wire. Yarn. String. Spell out a word or phrase. 

Any other creative ideas for filling empty wall space? 

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