Get the Look: Hotel Neri in Barcelona

Hotel Neri is a modern, eclectic boutique hotel, located in the heart of Barcelona. The architecture and design was guided by the concept of "play[ing] to the limit, without falling into vulgarity."

The hotel's virtual gallery of images, reveals rooms with concrete tabletops and polished metallic artwork juxtaposed with traditional seating and rich bedding. The restaurant and common sitting areas reflect similar polarities in design -- bright rugs, substantial window coverings, cement walls, plush sofas and a blend of modern and traditional lighting.

I am completely enamored by the hotel's interiors. The playful blend of soft and hard. Unexpected splashes of bright fabrics paired with bronze, fixtures with Moorish details.

Drawing on the inspiration from Hotel Neri's contemporary design and conventional facets of the past, I styled a sophisticated and dynamic bedroom -- saturated with color and playful character and furnished with vintage and new pieces.

The Dwell Studio bed, dressed in a dove grey velvet and layered in a light eggplant comforter, mixes clean modern lines with a French-inspired headboard. At the foot of the bed, sits a concrete bench, imitating the solid desk and floating side tables in the hotel room. Both metallic light fixtures -- the arc sconce and an etheral bronze chandelier -- emulate the contemporary fixtures in the Neri's common spaces. A geometric, mirrored side table complements the highly saturated, fuchsia rug, a striking accent in the room.

The striped, Louis-inspired chair, plays off the bright, pixelated pillows in the hotel's lobby. It sits besides a vintage, shagreen decorated writing table (echoing the light cement walls in the lobby). Propped atop the desk is a gold ornate lantern (functioning as creative storage), a nod to Spain's Moorish history.

Lastly, a stunning showpiece in the room, a multi-panel mirror hangs, styled after the hotel's entry window/door.

A room this playful and dynamic, can only be enhanced by the celebrated, hip, jazzy sounds of Quantic, a band, whose tracks play in the background at Hotel Neri.

Top Image//Collage of Images from Neri Website

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