When Fashion Meets Technology

I consider myself tech-savvy. But, by no means ahead of the tech curve. The evolution of technology is simply moving faster than I can personally keep up -- or want to keep up. But, that's not to say I don't appreciate ingenuity (in technology) when I see it. Or, marvel at how far technology has evolved. 

I love good design. But, combine extraordinary design with function -- and my enthusiasm becomes more intense. There is greater personal interest. To be honest, I have never looked much beyond the "function" of technology. It's design has never been relevant -- until now.

Back in November, I read this article, and quickly realized that the evolution of technology has far exceeded "function" alone. Wearable technology, the integration between two major industries -- fashion and technology -- combines function and form, with practical electronics and beautifully designed accessories. 

Here are just a few of the more visible "wearables" currently in the market. 

* This company has compiled a list of 115 "wearables" currently available. The list is growing daily.

1. Bluetooth-Enabled Bracelet. Cuff has integrated a bluetooth component into a line of accessories, serving as both a safety device and a stunning wrist band. If the chip is pressed, an alert will go out to a designated network of friends and family.

2. Charge on the Go. A purse with a universally-compatible phone charger, mounted within its body.  

3. Google Glass. A hands free device, that allows users to take photographs, record video, translate their voice, etc....all while wearing the head-mounted computer. The device has come under a bit of social criticism though. Google has responded with this etiquette guideline.

4. USB Bracelet. Juicy Couture (along with many Chinese manufacturers/distributors, found on eBay) has cleverly integrated a USB plug, into a modern, silicone bracelet. Look pretty while transferring files on the go.

5. FitBit Force. A wristband that tracks daily health statistics: calories burned, activity levels, sleep patterns, etc. Tory Burch has announced an exclusive partnership with FitBit and will be launching her classic designed device in the Spring.

6. Samsung Galaxy Gear. A wrist phone. A camera watch. A phone locater. Fully integrated with Samsung cell phones. Just announced yesterday, Galaxy Gear 2, will also track health statistics, such as heart rate, steps taken, etc.

**Intel and Opening Ceremony, an eclectic online retailer, have announced a partnership to design a "smart bracelet," sold exclusively at Barneys New York.

Consider me "intrigued!"

Where do you stand on these new trends???

Image//Future is Now

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