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This week's buzz: a HUGE win for the Seahawks, and, oh yeah.....the Olympics. Admittedly, I didn't tune into the opening ceremonies last night. Not sure how interested I am in watching NBC's, 1,539 hours of coverage over the course of the event. You?

On to bigger and better news, right? Enjoy Link Love:

1. HIGH FUNCTIONING CLUTCH. emPOWERED has designed a clutch whose form is as brilliant as its function. The brand has manufactured a clutch collection with a mini-USB charging cable and Apple adapter inside.

2. STATE VS. COUNTRY. Which country's economy is your state equal to?

3. NEW YORKERS! NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT. A city map with every coffee spot from North to South, East to West.

4. FASHION TERMS - 101. New York Fashion Week (NWFW) started yesterday. Do you know your fashion vocabulary? Test yourself here.

5. MCDREAMY ABODE. Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Derek Shepard on Grey's Anatomy, aka "McDreamy") lives here.

6. ASIAN COMFORT FOOD. Made this last night. YUMMY!!!

Top Image//Will Farrell in Blades of Glory

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