A Portrait of a Work in Progress: "I am a Giver, and that's OK."

Several weeks ago, I composed a heartfelt post about my intentions to incorporate more "quality" content on the blog. "Quality" is quite relative, but essentially, my objective was then (and still very much is now), to share content with more substance. Topics that encourage conversation. Subjects that are, perhaps a bit personal, but that I feel are relevant and relatable.

Today's post is the first in the series of what I am calling -- "A Portrait of a Work in Progress."

Life would be quite dull if we were all perfect. I am not perfect. Nor, am I striving for perfection. I think we can all agree that simply striving to be "something greater" than we already are, is the real goal. For me, being so extroverted, "greatness" is at least partly achieved by my interactions with others -- and how those relationships manifest themselves.

In life, there are "givers." There are "takers." And, there are the equal opportunist -- "givers" and "takers." I am a self-proclaimed "giver." I "take" some, but rarely. I don't ask for favors or make requests of my friends and family. I just prefer to do things on my own. And, when asked for help, I jump at the opportunity to do so. This comes with great benefits, but also significant drawbacks.

Those who know me best (and are also "givers"), allow me to be selfish. Sometimes even push me to be so. They are equal in their "giving" and "taking," making for a very well-balanced friendship. Others, recognize my (what could be construed as) weakness, and freely take. And take some more. Sometimes, even more. Yes, it's a disproportionate relationship, but I often times deliberate over whose fault that really is? Is it the "taker's" responsibility to take less? Or, is the "giver" to blame for simply not taking enough?

I am a work in progress! I fully admit it. Part of my progress is accepting that not every relationship is fair. You may not get out what you put in. Perhaps the other person needs you more than you need them. While out of balance, I have come to recognize that, for me....right now....that's OK.

Who knows, as I work towards a "better me," my opinions may take a different form. Time will tell.

Where are you on the "giving" and "taking" spectrum in your relationships? Would love to hear the lessons you've learned as a "work in progress."



  1. We are all a work in progress that is for sure! Hopefully we gain some wisdom along the way and find a healthy balance. The gauge for me is to trust in my gut if giving/taking feels right or feels icky. Trust your own compass when you are trying to figure out if you are giving too much or taking advantage. I have also learned that when you really need help, you need to throw it out to the universe and the givers will come out of the woodwork to ease the burden. Love your post😁 and love you!!

  2. You always have the best advice! Thank you for your thoughtful comment.