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Whew! Feeling like I ran a marathon this week. I agreed to help a friend cater her birthday this weekend, and most of my week's time has been spent preparing for the event. The upside to this project....I have had the great privilege to work with my mom this week (she graciously agreed to be my sous chef). The downside....I have had little time to spend online and on the blog (which I have missed, tremendously). Saturday evening will definitely be a night of celebration. Both for my friend's birthday and my welcomed return to "me time."

Hope you can celebrate your weekend as I will be. Perhaps with a bright refreshing drink, joined by great friends and complimented by delicious bites. Cheers to you!

1. IT PAYS TO BE A PIZZA DELIVERY GUY. Last Sunday's Oscars pizza party, earned one lucky guy a $1000 tip.

2. THE 4-1-1 ON MARKET FLOWERS. A Pair and a Spare blog shares some great tips on picking the freshest market flowers.

3. FOR THE COMMITMENT-PHOBIC. CB2 has designed a line of self-adhesive and easily removable wallpaper.

4. CALL ME BLAINE COLEZAN. Keeping with the Oscar's theme, the brilliant minds behind Slate Magazine have created a widget to "Travoltify your Name." For those not familiar with the ooops moment of the Oscars -- John Travolta significantly mangled Idina Menzel's name when introducing her.

5. 4 SCARVES. 16 WAYS TO TIE. A lesson in beauty. This YouTube video (sponsored by Nordstrom) beautifully guides us fashion amateurs in the art of tying scarfs.

6. CHOCOLATE + WATER = HEAVEN. Science, in the most delicious form. Created by a French chemist, this Chocolate Mousse recipe, is quite possibly the richest, most dense mousse I've ever tasted.

Image//Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

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