An Introspective Kinda Day....

Seattle has seen more rain over the past week than I care to talk about. See the faint rainbow in the background of this image (taken from my car)? Obviously, Mother Nature has not been listening to my requests for a quick transition to Spring.

My week is crazy! Working on a side project. Wanted to check in, at the very least, with a few provocative questions from my newest obsession...642 Things to Write About. It's a brilliant collaboration of 652 introspective questions/thoughts, written in one 24-hour period, from 37 San Francisco writers.

1. What could have happened to you in high school that would have altered the course of your life?
2. Write, in ridiculous detail, directions on how to get to your house?
3. The people who will live in your house after you move out.
4. Describe the face of someone you love.

Much more about this narrative later. Until then....keep calm and carry on!

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