Quick and Easy DIY Shelf

Sometimes do-it-yourself projects are designed out of necessity. Other times, an inspired DIY, while slightly excessive, serves to fill a "creative void." And then there are projects that just happen by chance. This project is a combination of all three.

I had just emptied the contents from a 28oz. aluminum can and was reminded of these porcelain canisters:

I am a spray paint fanatic. See for yourself here and here. It's quick. Easy. Generally clean.

This is a true story: I swiftly took to the garage (my painting station if the weather is not cooperating) and sprayed my first coat of white gloss on the can. While drying, I took some time to organize my office, and for a passing moment, while gazing at the papers and magazines stacked on my desk, thought about the need for an additional shelf.

Quite fortuitously, piled adjacent to my spray station were glass shelves that I once used for catering platters. Just like that, my shelf came together. In a quick second, I found a second 28oz. can and began spraying coats of paint, now on both cans.


2-28oz. cans
1 piece of wood/glass/heavy chipboard (dimensions of my glass: 13"W x 28"L x 1/4" thick)

ONE: Depending on your preferred sheen, spray several coats of paint on the cans. I sprayed 3 coats. Dry completely.
TWO: Depending on the size of your shelf, space the cans far enough apart, so that there is balance in the weight of the contents on the shelf.

That's it. So easy and functional. Love when that happens!

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