Vertical Edible Garden

I am not a green-thumb. Perhaps it's genetic, because neither is my mother.

I love having an edible garden though. Every spring, with the greatest of intentions, I plant my garden with vegetables, that require "very little" maintenance. I've had great success with beans, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers (hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself for future years). I've learned to stay away from any edible plants that entail true "green" skills -- unfortunately, herbs included.

As a seasoned cook, I LOVE using fresh herbs. They brighten any dish and add a freshness that can not be achieved by their dry version. My favorites -- basil, thyme, mint and rosemary. That said, I have had very little success growing any of these. Admittedly, the Pacific Northwest is not the ideal climate for less hearty herbs such as basil. And, according to most, mint grows like a weed, and if not maintained, will dominate any garden. What am I doing wrong?? Mint dies soon after it's planted in my yard, never having the opportunity to invade my garden.

Alas! My faith in growing herbs may have been restored.

I have been struck by the beauty of vertical herb gardens for some time. A living work of art. An edible, wall mounted garden, with an incorporated watering system (key for any amateur gardener). Here are some stunning examples (both inside and out):


It's as if the herbs are climbing the walls, right? With do-it-yourself, modular, traditional or contemporary alternatives, the vertical garden is ideal for every type of space, both inside and out. Here are a few examples of planters:


Here's to a more successful Spring gardening season!

Have you had any experiences with these edible garden wall systems? Please share your stories with us "non-green thumbs." 

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