Dreaming Big for 40!

40 is a milestone age that should be celebrated. The bigger the better, in my opinion. To celebrate my 40th, we will be jet-setting through Spain for two weeks with one of our favorite families. If I wanted to celebrate stateside, however, (and let's be honest -- if money were no object), this dreamy destination (images after the jump) may be the perfect backdrop for a HUGE 40th bash! 

A modern, ranch-style home, with a pool, visible from every room. My dream fĂȘte would be set in Palm Springs, with a glam, 1960's theme (think Frank Sinatra and Doris Day, Sean Connery as James Bond and Don Draper in Mad Men). Guests would celebrate with champagne and classic cocktails in hand and dine on decadent savory bites -- all while sitting poolside or settled around the mid-century furniture arrangement.

Each of my special guests would receive a View Master by mail, with a customized insert (designed by Image3D), illustrating a photographic timeline of my life and an invitation to the party. 

Glamorous splashes of silver, gold and black would dominate the decor of the celebration; completed with soft touches of blush. Over-sized balloons with gorgeous, textural tassels would line the ceiling. Blush pink floral arrangements blended with playful party blowers would adorn the tables. And, because a milestone celebration is never complete without photos -- guests would commemorate the evening with a classic photo booth.

So to not be outdone by my guests, my tuxedo sleeveless romper would sparkle with costume diamond and "cubes of gold" cocktail rings and a stunning ear cuff. And, as if my dream is not yet complete -- I would be wearing Valentino's Rockstud heel.

Cheers to you!
Cheers to me!
May we always celebrate 40!
(unless you are younger)

Images (Top): Celebrate 40

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