Design It Like You Mean It

I like things slightly askew. Some say unusual. Not everything. But, if there is a way to do certain things in an unexpected way, I'll usually try it. Especially when it comes to the details in our home. Function does not have to negate form. And form, by no means has to be predictable.

Take my vanity for instance. There is not one piece of storage, whose purpose was intended for jewelry or makeup (except for the earrings stand -- found here). Every piece has a story, and was originally purchased to serve it's traditional function. 

Oil and vinegar pourers store my brushes. A gold tri-appetizer bowl holds my cuffs and bangle bracelets. Necklaces hang on the neck of a retro dress form and from a vintage clarinet, painted in high-gloss purple. An antique, family heirloom bowl, serves to contain my earrings that can't be stored on a traditional stand. A metallic, geometric garden stool acts as my seat.

Design like you mean it. Dare to be daring. And believe that, especially in your own home, "unexpected" is expected. I would argue, even more fun. 

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