Simple Styling

I love the simpleness in beauty. When all it takes is one shining accessory to enhance an outfit. One simple bookend to improve the appeal of a shelf.

My home will ALWAYS be a work in progress (as suggested in this post, and here as well). Lately, in an effort to keep our design budget to a minimum, I've been resourceful in our interior styling. This means, tons of moving parts -- our bedroom bench becomes the interim coffee table, the living room ottoman shifts to the family room, etc, etc, etc.

One of the few inexpensive touches I've brought into to our home are blooming branches (shown in the image above).  Simple. Beautiful. Effortless. They require no styling -- throw them in a vase and that's it.....styled. They add the softest touch and the perfect amount of freshness to our home.

If you, like me, are trying to keep your home spending down, but need some simple, economical styling inspiration (especially with the shift of seasons)....look no further:

Large mirror (leaning against the wall); visually increases the size of the room

What are your ideas for simple styling touches?

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