Seeking Inspiration

Lately, I've felt a bit depleted of inspiration. I am in desperate need of some creative refueling. Fortunately, inspiration is everywhere, and the creative universe is answering my plea (through sites like Pinterest and various online magazines).

I spent some time sorting through my archives of artistic projects and found several that rejuvenated my creativity.

1. This Shibori Tie-Dye project is so on trend right now. Dreaming of a Shibori summer tablecloth.

2. Studded Sandals. Ummmm.....yes, please.

3. DIY Terrarium. Been on my creative "to do" list for some time. With a guide this simple, I really have no reason to delay.

4. Custom Matchbox. Paired with a sweet candle. The perfect favor for a summer al fresco party. 

5. Mini Travel Album. Possibly the cutest photo album EVER! Love the possibilities.

6. This Fuchsia and Black Painting is so me! A definite DIY to add to my summer projects.

Where do you go for inspiration? 

Image//Open Window

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