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A week from today, we will be en route to Spain. Admittedly, I am already dreaming about relaxing by a pool (or perhaps the Mediterranean), and enjoying some mental "downtime."

Lots to do between now and then. Packing. Researching restaurants, shops, bars, activities for kids, etc. A busy weekend ahead, for sure.

Hope your weekend is happy.

Here are a few things I learned (and loved) this week:

1. KEEP OR TOSS? Ask yourself these questions when cleaning out your closet.

2. PERFECTLY WHITE. Expert opinions on the best shades of white for your walls.

3. A VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP. Follow this blogger (with great taste) on Pinterest as she visually captures virtual experiences from Portland to New York.

4. SUMMER DINING. Remodelista breaks down one of my all-time favorite summertime DIYs.

5. SERENITY NOW. Take a moment to swoon over this home in Melbourne.

6. LIFE OF A PARENT. A list of the crazy things parents do for and with their kids. I'll admit it...I've done #12 and #20 (and many others....let's be honest, here)

Image//Hotel in Santorini, Greece

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