The Secret to Moist Chicken Breast is.......?

Chicken is in constant rotation at our dinner table. Grilled chicken. Chicken stir-fry. Roasted chicken. Marinated chicken kebabs. Even with a strong marinade or a flavorful dry rub, grilled/roasted/baked chicken breast can be dry, slightly stringy and subsequently, not edible.

But, I hold the secret to moist chicken breast EVERY TIME! Drumroll please......the key is a salt brine! Soaking the chicken breast in a basic salt brine for a couple of hours, helps the meat to retain moisture. And moisture, is the key to delicious chicken.

BASIC SALT BRINE (for 2-3 chicken breasts)

4 cups of water
2 tablespoons of kosher salt

In a large bowl, dissolve the salt in the water. Place chicken in bowl, cover and refrigerate for no more than 3 hours (the chicken will taste too salty if left in much longer). Rinse chicken and marinade as usual.

Image//Grilled Chicken

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